About SLE

The first Seattle Lindy Exchange was in October of 1999.  As one of the early swing dancing events in the country, Seattle helped reinforce the format of what an lindy exchange would be.  The concept of the exchange relies upon the idea of hosting out-of-town dancers and musicians to come to a host city and just do what they do, dance and play music.  No classes, no competitions… just lots of live music and social dancing, meeting new people from across the globe. 

At the Seattle Lindy Exchange musicians are the special guests, and the bands formed for the exchange this year (and in recent years) reflect the quality of swinging musical talent from Seattle, and brings in musical friends from other jazz hot spots to get in the groove.

Meet the Committee

Claire Burke - Director
Lee Broxson - Registration
Brett Nakashima - Music
Jose Tello - Graphics/website
Robin Nunnally- Picnic
Andrew Hou - Web Master
Logan Chinn - Promotions
Amanda Woodcock - Volunteer Coordinator


Ben Holness - Event Registration



Savoy Swing Club has sponsored and supported the Seattle Lindy Exchange for many years with great generosity.  www.savoyswing.org

Seattle Lindy Exchange is sponsored by Savoy Swing Club, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation located in Seattle, WA